Let's sow the future

An environmental sustainability initiative based on food consumption that aims to create a network of virtuous consumers.

Support sustainable agriculture and become an "A Modern Farmer".

We aim to influence the user to grasp the value of nature and the earth, and help them experience sustainable agriculture, naturally inserted within the cycle of the seasons.

Susafa has been the estate of the Saeli Rizzuto family since 1868, witness to the centennial and fascinating peasant culture that has its roots in 1200. Today, it is the guardian of an agricultural vocation that the years have not altered.

Starting from the belief that agriculture is an extraordinary factor in promoting the cultural and social identity of a territory, Susafa wants to instill its values, promoting the economy and culture of the territory, as well as that of the short supply chain.
The new project “Let's Sow the Future” reflects the principles of Susafa’s genuine vocation.


Choose what you want to eat and adopt the field or plant that will provide you with the product of your choice. Learn about our products at
Register at or send us an email at
Once your adoption has been confirmed you will receive the credentials to access your reserved online area. 


• Olive tree // cherry tree // tomato plant // wheat field
 You will receive the product to your home harvested from your adopted field or plant.
The value of each adoption does not include transport costs. Each adoption corresponds to the following quantities.

  • 10 L of olive oil (2 cans of 5L) or 10 bottles 500 ml of evo oil
  • 15 jars of cherry jam (312g each)
  • 30 bottles of tomato sauce (330g each)
  • 25 kg of flour of your choice - 6 different types to choose from (1 kg bags)
  • 15 kg of semolina pasta - 4 different formats to choose from (500 g bags)


  • You will have access to a 10% discount on all your additional purchases in our shop.
  • You will have access to a 10% discount on your next stay at Susafa, only applicable on the room rate.


  • Because it shortens the supply chain from the producer directly to the consumer
  • Because by doing so you reduce the transport of goods and therefore your carbon footprint
  • Because you are guaranteed the products you eat and will be eating healthy
  • Because you prevent invasive agriculture that damages the environment and our health
  • Because it can be turned into a travel experience
  • Because it creates a link between what you eat and the planet
  • Because, if you want, you can activate an honorable consumption process, and by eating only the products you adopt, your impact in terms of surface area can be measured and the following year you can choose the quantity that best suits your consumption level
  • Because with us you can learn to cook
  • Because with us you can learn about seasonal products
  • Because you can help conserve a peasant culture made up of sound principles

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