Our history

Susafa is the result of the dedication of the Saeli-Rizzuto family, owners and agricultural entrepreneurs who for five generations have been committed to handing down a centuries-old and fascinating peasant culture.

With particular care, the Saeli-Rizzuto family accompanies their guests to immerse themselves in country life, substituting the comfort of a charming, finely decorated resort for the austerity of life in the past. The large farm with its impressive warehouses still represents an important testimony of agricultural construction which, due to the capacity and excellence of agricultural production, is a living example of an era that characterized the economic development of the area.

The property

Susafa is the fruit of the will of the Saeli-Rizzuto family, now in the fifth generation of agricultural entrepreneurs, to preserve and renew the glorious past of peasant culture.

In 2008 Manfredi and Tommaso Rizzuto Saeli embarked on a new path with the intention of sharing with the guests of the structure the most ancient suggestions and traditions of this family reality, so full of history. The determination and passion that characterizes them has allowed them to create a new way of narrating all around the experience of relaxation and well-being, without forgetting the modern re-enactment of ancient rites. Always present to convey the spirit and emotions handed down by a family so tied to the territory, they will be happy to let you discover the magic of Susafa. Manfredi's creativity combined with his love for details is visible in the details of the interiors that amaze with the ability to wisely mix the past with contemporary taste. His passion for cooking, combined with the reinterpretation of the Sicilian tradition through the on-site cultivation of raw materials, are tangible in everything related to catering. Tommaso's dedication and concreteness have led Susafa to be recognized as a center of excellence in the area. His keen eye on the new needs of modern travelers and on the whole world of hotel tourism is manifested in his constant attention to innovative elements, fundamental to characterize contemporary comfort in a traditional context.

Our team


“Chiara Capuano and Giovanna Zanghì from the reception will welcome you with great professionalism, always ready to introduce you to the structure in all its aspects and details. They will also always be ready to answer your every curiosity with the aim of making your stay adequate to your expectations and to show you the activities to be carried out in the surroundings of Susafa, thus allowing you to immerse yourself completely in the Sicilian culture and tradition that the area offers. "