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Here, the scents and flavors of a timeless place are always available on your tables. Where the quality of the raw ingredients is the undisputed master of our kitchen.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
At Susafa, the production of olive oil is an ancient tradition, testimony of an authentic love for the fruits of the earth.With over fifty years of production of olive oil sold to the mill itself, in 1997 Susafa Extra Virgin Olive Oil finally arrived on the market, with the same characteristics of quality and authenticity that it’s always had. In 2009, Susafa adopted organic farming practices and yielded its precious Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Pasta and Flour
The Sicilian tradition of wheat has historical origins. Here at Susafa we protect this tradition and commemorate its ancient rites every day, beginning with the past to “sow our future”. 
Sicily’s peasant tradition boasts genuine food productsof extraordinary goodness, like our cherry trees that produce remarkable fruits every year.The cherry harvest is a real ritual for us that is repeated every year in June. Once harvested, our cherries are used to prepare jam according to the original traditional recipe: a very simple combination that gives our jam an unparalleled flavor.
Tomato Sauce
Our tomato sauce is produced exclusively with Siccagno tomatoes grown on our lands. The sauce is the result of a production process linked to a tradition handed down from our ancestors in the Palermo area, which delivers an unmistakable flavor that has not been modified by time. Furthermore, Siccagno tomatoes have interesting characteristics from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view, as they are rich in vitamins A, C and antioxidants, and also have a low-calorie content.
Aromatic Herbs
Susafa has a wonderful garden where we grow various spices including oregano. Oregano is an aromatic herb that, besides having countless beneficial properties for the body, can make all the difference in the kitchen by adding an extra touch to the taste of dishes. It is grown in our kitchen garden, together with other aromatic spices. It can also be used as an infusion or simply as a spice for seasoning food to satisfy palates.

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Susafa from 1870

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