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ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 500 ml - Convenience pack x 12


At Susafa, the production of olive oil is an ancient tradition, testimony of an authentic love for the fruits of the earth. With over fifty years of production of olive oil sold to the mill itself, in 1997 Susafa Extra Virgin Olive Oil finally arrived on the market, with the same characteristics of quality and authenticity that it’s always had. In 2009, Susafa adopted organic farming practices and yielded its precious Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This pack contains

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Scent is what characterises an olive. This variety is intense with a pleasant note of fresh herbs, and a slight scent of wild flowers. Tasting reveals the characteristic hint of balanced fruitiness with an aftertaste of "freshly cut" grass.

Main cultivation:

• Biancolilla

Main features of our olive oil:

• Olive oil pressed within 24 hours of harvesting

• Two-phase cold milling

• Storage in stainless steel silos under nitrogen and at a constant temperature (14 ° C)

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