REGRINDED BALATA - Ideal for bread

We carefully choose the varieties of wheat that best adapt, in a completely natural way, to the different types of soil, to give the best result in aromas and organoleptic qualities.

Our flours are named after the production lots within the property.

The milling process, entrusted to “Molini del Ponte”, enhances all the qualities of our grains in flour.

Regrinded semolina flour, ideal for bread

Remilled semolina flour, ideal for pasta


Adopt wheat field flour


Balata: regrinded semolina 

Ideal for bread and pizza 

Description: Regrinded durum wheat semolina, grown in the Sicily region, milled in cylinders. 

Milled and packaged by hand by Molini del Ponte. 

Recommendations: This flour, being a durum wheat flour, is ideal for fragrant doughs of bread and pizza. 

We recommend using it alone or mixing it with wheat flour, so our "Scialamba" flour, which will give you a more elastic and stronger dough for leavening. 

Recommended blends: 

For bread: 100% 

Pizza: 80% + 20% Scialamba type 1 

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Sfincione and Focaccia (it)

Pizza "Sfincione" and Focaccia (italian)

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Sfincione and Focaccia (en)

Pizza "Sfincione" and Focaccia (english)

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